Top Tips for Healthy Hair & Skin

Achieve, Healthy, Glossy Hair & Skin at Dudley's Hair & Beauty Salon in Bulwell

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Well, here it finally is … FEBRUARY. JANUARY has GONE GONE GONE…..

February is the month of love and sees us celebrate St Valentine’s day, however, my thoughts are that February 2022 needs to be a bigger celebration. Life is opening up spring is coming and there is a lot to love. So here at Dudley’s Hair & Beauty Salon in Bulwell, we are making February the MONTH of self-love! Yes that’s right a whole month of SELF LOVE.

We have survived the cold weather & chances are, your hair is in need of a little bit of TLC.  Hydration is key to making your locks look and feel amazing. So, let's banish the winter blues & get ready to step into spring…

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Top Tips for Healthy Hair & Skin

We have condensed our self-care advice for February into 6 easy steps in our: FEB self-love hydration guild

1. Drink more (“AND THIS ISNT ALCOHOL!!!”) water, beautiful juices, healthy smoothies, fruit teas… lots & lots of fluid rehydrating your skin after all the drying elements of winter. The moisture within your skin gives us a healthy glow.

2. Start your day as you mean to go on with a healthy choice for breakfast. Skipping breakfast is so bad for you why not try making an overnight porridge and oat soak adding some nuts & super food berries or fresh natural Greek yogurt with local honey and seeds?

3. Give your hair the blast of moisture it needs it needs, you’ve had a chemical service for Christmas you’ve heat styled your hair for the festive season a lot! And you’ve dried it out with the central heating, treat it to some self-love with a professional salon treatment hydration those tresses.

Speck to your stylist for bespoke recommendations.

4. Treat your face to an indulgent professional facial.  Our favourite is Eve Taylor winter skin rescue facial which works to combat the effects of cold winds and warm central heating. This hydrating barrier repairing facial leaves skin supple and nourished and protected from harsh weather & elements.

5. Wow! If you have kept your feet tucked away in thick, fluffy socks, chances are they are literally squeaking for moisture! We recommend treating your feet to our famous Luxury cuccio pedicure, soak your soles in our moisturising milk and honey salts then let us trim buff and polish your nails to perfection before adding a gel colour of your choice. A luxury pedicure also includes: lova skin peel, callus removal. So, sit back and relax whist we exfoliate and moisturise your soles...

6. Finally hydrate yourself with self-love, no one takes care of you like you can. Remember “your worth it”!