Perms at Dudley's Hair & Beauty Salon in Bulwell 

Modern Perms to Create Loose Waves & Curls at dudleys hair salon in BulwellAre you looking for hair salons in Bulwell that offer perms? We have a team of perming experts at Dudley’s hair salon who specialise in creating a range of curly and textured hairstyles. Our skilled stylists have years of experience and can help you achieve natural looking curls and waves using the latest modern perming tools & techniques.

We offer perming services for both men & women. Also known as a man perm or merm, perms for men can help to create a range of cool & trendy hairstyles that make the hair appear fuller & thicker.

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Your Complimentary Hair Consultation

Modern Perms to Create Loose Waves & Curls at dudleys hair salon in BulwellWe start your hair journey with a detailed consultation, finding out about your current hair care routine and what you hope to achieve from your perm at Dudley’s hair salon. We will discuss any natural curl patterns you may have and decide the best technique to perm your hair to ensure the best possible results. 

Remember perms are not just for creating curly hairstyles. Perms offer a great way in which to add volume and movement to your hair, you don't always need the whole of your head permed. Often, clients who have flat or fine hair have a perm focusing on the crown area only which helps them achieve fullness & height.

Modern Perms to Create Loose Waves & Curls

If you are looking for a long-lasting curly hairstyle your options include:

Weave Wind: This gives your roots a lift and a kick rather than actual waves and curls.

Root Perms: A root perm will add lift to the roots of the hair, these perms are ideal for flat and short hair. we can now use a larger, bendy roller which is massive in comparison! This ensures a large curl or wave.

Body Wave Perms: Body wave perms are great for women who want curly hair, creating more volume and movement to your hair. 

Beach Wave Perms: Marries straight and wavy textures to create the sexy, tousled beach waves that are at the forefront of fashion and style. 

Spiral Perms: A spiral perm will create curls with spring and bounce and your cascading curls can be sprung in various directions.

Texture Perms: A texture perm will add texture and soft waves to the hair for a modern, soft look.

Who Are The Perming Experts Near Me?

Whether you want to increase volume in your hair, fancy a curly hairstyle, or want to rock some loose, sexy waves, a professional perm at Dudley’s hair salon in Bulwell can add permanent movement & texture to your hair.

To book an appointment or a complimentary consultation please get in touch with our friendly front-of-house team by calling 0115 975 7500 or book online here.  

Examples of Our Work

From perms to create soft relaxed curls and modern beach style waves to fashionable perms that create the latest curly hair looks, we can help. You can view lots more curly hair ideas via our Instagram account here.