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Looking for the best hair colour salon in Nottingham?  Look no further than Dudley's Hair & Beauty in Bulwell where our highly skilled colour technicians can create the most beautiful hair shades including the ever-popular balayage, face-framing highlights, blondes, reds, brunettes and amazing fashion hair colours.

We use great colouring products from milk_shake and mood which are designed to protect the hair while colouring.  These products - which include vegan hair colour options - make the most of natural ingredients to enhance the hair. 

Your first step towards beautiful hair is to book in for a complimentary colour consultation where we can discuss the look you desire, assess your hair, and explain the process and costs involved.  We will also ask you to pop in for a quick allergy alert test (skin test) 48 hours prior to your colour appointment so we can check for any sensitivities to the products we use.

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Balayage hair colour at Dudleys hairdressers in Bulwell Nottingham

Balayage Hair Colour

Balayage is one of the most asked-for hair colour techniques at our Nottingham salon because it looks fabulous and is low maintenance.  Many people are unsure of the difference between balayage and ombré so let us explain! Both techniques involve adding multiple colours to your hair to create a graduated colour effect.   With balayage the ends and mid-lengths of your hair are usually lighter to create a natural-looking, bespoke, sun-kissed look - although red balayage and fashion balayage looks are also popular.  Ombré hair colouring tends to give a more defined two-tone look whereas balayage is more subtle and blended.

platinum blonde hair colours at dudleys hairdressers in bulwell nottingham

Every Shade Of Blonde

How on earth do you choose the right blonde colour for you when there are hundreds of shades to choose from? Leave it to our hair colour experts in Nottingham!  We have been trained to understand which shades will complement your skin tone and eye colour so can help you with your choice. 

Popular blonde hair colours include golden blondes, honey blondes, platinum blondes, and ice white blondes.  We can also talk you through which technique is best for your end result including highlights, all over permanent hair colour,  bleaching & toning, and blonde balayage or ombre. 

Whichever colour you choose, rest assured we work with the best hair colour products designed to help protect the health and integrity of your hair.  

hair colour experts in bulwell nottingham

Bold Copper & Red Hair Colours

If you want to be a real head-turner, why not choose a beautiful red hair colour?  Our experienced colour experts in Nottingham can create a wide range of colours from pillar-box reds to copper hair shades and dusky auburns.

Fashion red hair colours are a popular choice but, for those not quite ready to take the step towards an all-over bright red hair colour, it might be time to try some red highlights instead.

Red hair shades are also a wonderful addition to brunettes as they give added interest to your hair colour - especially when the red catches the light.  

Brunette Hair Colour at the best hair colour hairdressers in Bulwell, Nottingham

Brunette Hair Shades

Do blondes have more fun?  We reckon those beautiful brunettes can give those blondes a run for their money!  As well as looking super shiny, brown or brunette hair colours can add depth and dimension to your hairstyle. 

Consider deepening the colour of your hair or add some blonde, caramel or red highlights. As with all hair colour, keep your hair looking its best with a monthly in-salon hair conditioning treatment to nourish your locks and add some extra gloss.

For those who want a change from brunette to blonde, or vice versa, please book in for a consultation so we can explain the process and timings to completely transform your hair colour.  Please do not try a complete colour change at home - but if you do, keep our number handy in case you need a colour correction appointment!

Vivid hair colours at Dudleys Hair Beauty Salon in Bulwell Nottingham

Fashion Hair Colours

Another head-turning hair idea is to add a vibrant hair shade or pretty pastel colour to your hair.  Lilac and pink hair colours are the most popular pastel shades, while bright blue, purple and rich reds are also on the list of most asked-for vibrant hair colours in Nottingham.

Even better news is that the trend for fashion hair colours that is growing popular with men and women of all ages

Book A Hair Colour Appointment At Dudley's Salon In Bulwell

Hair colour can really make a statement as well as making you look and feel fantastic and we're sure we have a colour to suit everyone here at our hair salon in Bulwell! Whether you are looking for a complete colour change or want some subtle highlights, make sure you book in for a complimentary colour consultation so we can get your look perfect for you.  Call the salon on 0115 975 7500 or book online here.   

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