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Keratin Hair Smoothing At Dudley's Hair & Beauty Salon In Bulwell

If you're looking for smooth frizz-free hair that lasts up to three months, it's time to try Alfaparf Hair Smoothing at Dudley's Hairdressers in Bulwell, Nottingham.

Often referred to as a Brazilian Blow Dry, this high-performance hair smoothing treatment contains a nourishing blend of keratin, collagen and babassu oil to give you smoother hair for longer.  No chemicals are used to break your hair bonds - instead, your hair is infused with the keratin blend to calm frizzy hair and give a smoother appearance. 

Please book in for a complimentary consultation first so we can assess your hair and explain the results you can expect with your hair type, texture and condition.  We will give you any after care advice such as avoiding shampooing your hair and steering clear of moisture (saunas, steam rooms) for at least three days after treatment.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Your Hair Smoothing Treatment

Check out our step-by-step guide which explains what to expect when you have a hair smoothing treatment at Dudley's Hair Salon in Bulwell.  

Step 1:  A special deep cleansing shampoo is applied on damp hair before being thoroughly rinsed with warm water. We will then dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Step 2:  Your hair will be divided into 4 sections and we will apply the smoothing fluid generously throughout your hair. After covering your head with a plastic cap we will leave it to work it magic for 20 minutes. 

Step 3:  We will now dry your hair with a hair dryer before straightening the hair strands with a hair straightener.

Step 4:  Your hair will now be thoroughly rinsed to remove all traces of the Alfaparf Smoothing Hair Treatment.

Step 5:  We will apply a rehydrating mask and leave this for approximately 5 minutes.  Your hair can now be styled as normal and will be super shiny, soft and much smoother. 

Book Your Hair Smoothing Service At Dudley's Salon In Bulwell

You can say goodbye to wild frizzy hair with a hair smoothing treatment at Dudley's Hair Salon in Bulwell.  Simply call our salon on 0115 975 7500 to book in for a complimentary consultation.